Book II of the Journeys Beyond the Darkness Series The Prophet continues....  Reviewer Joshua C says: You have no idea! This book is absolutely amazing. From this book, you'll learn, the spiritual and natural realms interact and affect one another, Satan and his minions seek to influence us to the ultimate destruction of our lives, the grace of God works in our lives, He protects us with His angels. You'll realize how important it is to keep God as the focus of your life and to walk in all His ways. Each chapter is a separate real life story. Within each chapter, the story is broken down into 2 separate sections: the natural and spiritual. This allows you to really understand how separate, in our minds, yet inter-related both realms really are. No one will be disappointed from the knowledge this book has to offer. In fact, your life will be enhanced as you think back over the times when you know that God intervened and kept you from certain danger. This book will cause you to seek Him and strengthen your relationship with Him.

When Hell Freezes Over-The Gift

  • When Hell Freezes Over - The Gift originally published in 1996, as the sequel to Blow the Trumpet's Loudly! another hard to find. New Edition E-book cover represents the spiritual battle looming over earth today, and inside beautiful color graphics at $ 3.99.