Blow the Trumpets, Loudly! The Healing Journey of a Spirit, is Book I of the Journeys Beyond the Darkness Series. A uniquely written biographical Christian visionary and metaphysical fantasy thriller. According to Rapport Magazine  "The spiritual portion of the book includes the entire pantheon of Christian characters and reads like myth in which evil battles good and human beings having little or no control over their destiny, are subject to the whims of unseen forces. This is very cleverly done.", Blow the Trumpets, Loudly! is an inspirational true story uniquely written as a novel and spiritual fantasy thriller about the early years of a 'Prophet' in the making. 

Blow the Trumpets, Loudly!

  • Originally published in 1995, a national best-seller, reprinted three times, hard to find one! New in E-book edition, cover, and graphics. Available for download now for $ 3.99.