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Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Direction in An Age of Confusion

20 Years of Prophecy Fulfilled


On September 11, 1998, an event was held at Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA. The purpose was a Prophetic Conference, a trumpet call to gather the prophets and faith leadership, from all areas of the United States to attend. The subject matter Judgement Before Repentance: Direction in An Age of Confusion based on scriptural meaning from the Bible, Book of Joel, Chapter 2. The conference was supported by the Christian Broadcast Network.

I was one of the attendees. There were several speakers, but the man I remember most respectfully is Sid Roth. Sid Roth, is a ‘Messianic Jew’, originally raised in a traditional Jewish home. Employed as an account executive by Merrill Lynch, and everyone considered him a successful businessman, married, and a stable, strong leader. However, his real life was out of control, and in 1972 fell apart completely. Religion held no meaningful influence then, but then Sid had a ‘Supernatural’ encounter with Jesus, and began to believe and proclaim that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah.

In 1977 Sid started a ministry called “Messianic Vision” and then a nationally syndicated radio broadcast by the same name, and eventually a television production ‘It’s Supernatural’. With the mission to reach others and share the good news of the Messiah, Sid is following scriptural order of Romans 1:16 “to the Jew first”. Sid Roth is an evangelist. He also reaches out to Gentiles, too, all people, and I was fortunate to spend a brief time in his company. I’m not sure why Sid noticed me, or asked me to sit down and have some coffee the second day, when so many others clamored for his attention. But he did and during our conversation, recognized that Sid knows and believes as I do, - Evil is Real.

There were other speakers, but over the years, their names and faces less memorable. I’ve lost track of them and unable to locate them recently as preparing to write, for the third time, what I learned at the conference. I’m asking forgiveness if I’m infringing on any current unknown copyright (now) since we were told to copy and spread the word then. The information, and conversation with Sid, and others who were with me well-versed in Judeo-Christian faiths, agreeing on many issues, respectful of those we didn’t. The magnitude of the crowd present there the first night – filling a ballroom with over 1,000 people so significant, especially the number of ‘Prophets’.

Sid conducted the opening faith service Friday night I watched him pray with, and heal over 100 of them, in front of a temporary altar placed in front for the greeting and worship service. The next morning, Saturday (September 12) only half of the people from the night before, were in attendance. When the speakers began to speak of the coming Judgement, based on the increasing departure from Judeo-Christian values within our country, many more left.

After lunch break, a large number of people participated, as the afternoon subjects included the need for financial stewardship, and ways to safeguard it to weather the coming economic storms. Financial experts educated on the value of money, paper or silver, church storehouse provisioning, planning, (like King Joseph in Genesis) giving us all the warnings and answers to questions that many others asked.

On Sunday, about seventy people attended the service and last presentation, so the room was much smaller and I, arriving early, sat in the front row. The last speaker, a pastor from the northwest region spoke, eyes catching mine, and as cold as ice. Smooth-talking, charismatic, boldly claiming that amidst the destruction of our country, he and many of us, would rise and be recognized as “Gods”. We could gain wealth, power (at the cost of others), and when we walked even into a grocery store, people would recognize and kneel before us. In the middle of a Christian conference, there was evil that only a few recognized. As soon as he finished speaking, the conference was over, I quickly avoided his approach to me, exited and found my friends in the parking lot.

A dozen of us, twelve prophets prayed together, a covenant promise to spread the word of warning, help churches and people prepare to for cataclysmic events to come, the Judgement before Repentance. We knew others would go home and do the same.

Within days, beginning to share with others, those materials provided to us in 1998, I copied them until they were faded and gray, almost illegible and adding new information as I continued to research data and record it, plus shared my own experiences adding to the truth of what was spoken that day, September 11, 1998. I prophesied that our enemies were within our borders, as well as without, relaying other national and world event, war, conflict, and other challenges that would occur until a day unlike any before would shake us, make us reflect, repent, and correct our direction. When it happened on September 11, 2001, "9/11" for a brief time, it made a difference to America, 'Never Forget' our heroes of that day, law enforcement, first responders, and others who rushed into danger to rescue as many victims as possible.

Even then I continued the prophetic mission, as I reprinted and distributed materials up to September 11, 2008, my warnings about our country’s leadership and elections, and harmful outcomes were like water poured into a desert. So I paused, prayed and waited for the right time to speak to America again. More than ten years, until now. Because with this work prophecies have come true, they aren’t ‘the future’ anymore, they are the present. I am still standing and hoping that America will ‘wake up’ and listen.

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