The Prophets Journal # 34

Direction in an Age of Confusion


My last post was on January 17, 2021. Just before ‘President Joseph Biden’ was inaugurated, on January 20, and Kamala Harris as ‘Vice –President’. As I, the Prophet, was told by the Holy Spirit, “No more until you are given the Word to begin again.”

Because TRUTH would be revealed in His Time. Over these last months, America and the World have watched the Truth unfold, and still so many until possibly this past 7 days, are being awakened.

‘Losing America’ or the ‘Great Awakening or both, as evidence month after month, has been revealed, and yet so many still do not want to believe, or determined by their own Will and Choices not to accept the responsibilities of their Faith and Citizenship or Legal Residency here in our beloved ‘America’.

You’ve been lied to, Satan is a liar, and seeks to kill and destroy – all of us. Us? All of US who believe and act under the God of Abram (Abraham), his son’s Ismael (Ishmae'l), Ishaq (Isaac) and grandson Ya’qub (Jacob) and the generations who now know “who Jesus was and is,” in particular. Understanding that, again, though we come from' three different family tree branches' we all believe in ONE God, also known as Jehovah Yahweh, and Allah.

In addition, we three ‘faiths’ all believe ‘Jesus’ was a living man, who travelled earth, especially the Middle East, in many roles, healer, teacher prophet, and more. However, the difference of the beliefs whether or not He was the ‘Messiah’ at the time. The other difference is different ‘sects and doctrines’ on all sides can be radically different beliefs and actions, including non-peaceful.

Among other faiths, or no-faith specific at all, we rest in the knowledge that this ‘war’ insurrection by Satan (again) is not about you, though it would be advantageous not to ignore that everything that happens to us, is going to affect you as well.

Co-habitants of our planet, you have not been left out of COVID-19, pandemics, floods, locusts, fires, wars, politics, or finances, over the last eighteen months.

We are all caught in the snare of 7 schemes of warfare that began the beginning time of Genesis. The first strategy then and now “Divide and Conquer”. Some of us, just have the belief system that is helping us sustain, resilient, and resolved that ‘Evil won’t win, God Will’. Or we have somewhere to go if it all this ends badly.

While you have been either blind or lukewarm, isn’t the issue to discuss or debate, for we have far more important matters and actions to consider if our children and generations of our children, will ever be ‘free’ again. I care about YOU, and HE does too.

What is the cacophony of voices heard around the world today of both our enemies and our allies? Since last week, we a Founded on the principles and by the people that I introduced, and provided all the charts, and questions that I began September 11, 1998 and challenged for several years. Ultimately September 11, 2001, as I’ve posted this last year in this ‘Prophet’s Journal’. The event and response escalated the true spiritual battle we’ve fought for the last twenty years --come September 11, 2021. Timing is no accident.

We are now labeled ‘Post-America the New World Order has come to rule all of us – all of us, everywhere.

Ruled by people who sold their souls to the Devil, ages ago. Most or many likely blinded, hypnotized, deceived, confused, hungry, and angry or lost, but some very purposely wicked.

True prophets have endeavored to “Warn” and help them and the possible victims for centuries. Before, during, and thousands of years, wars and generations of humanity.

There are still things you need to know, so this post, and others to come, will be equally specific as I have been in the past, was the 240th year anniversary, plus 45 days of our July 4, 1776 Declaration of Independence (240 years + 45= 245). The day ‘Kabul’ fell to the Taliban completely, 11 days from this the current administration beginning to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan, along with our ‘allies’ in a complete reveal to the world of….TRUTH.

  • Over the months since the inauguration, TRUTH has been consistently, accurately, and factually, (for anyone who would accept it) President Donald J Trump, the 45th President of the United States, was elected by American citizens, and should be in the White House now, as the 45th President.

  • The Plan of withdrawal from Afghanistan is NOT THE PLAN, TRUTH: he negotiated with the Taliban and other forces (including our allies), it was three-fold: 1) Get the American & Allied Civilians as well as Afghan SIV Military Support & their Families out first 2) Get our war weapons, technology, and usable resources & supplies out 3) then our US Service Members (& ally forces), except than a three-prong minimal military 'watch towers' presence in surrounding areas partners to closely monitor the human rights of remaining Afghanistan residents safety and well-being, by May 1, 2021. The Taliban agreed, to this with the 45th President, a man who says what he means, and means what he says ...

  • IF the Taliban,(Al Qaeda, or ISIS) failed to honor the agreements, there was a very specific action the President and His Department of Defense would take – which anyone who remembers the MOB that was dropped over eighteen months ago, was the ‘warning shot across the bow’ Al Qaeda, ISIS and the Taliban.. and others then....

TRUTH speaks louder than words, what has occurred these last days, and who is really responsible?

  • The next question of the 46th President, Vice-President, Department of Defense, Secretary of State and others is: WHY would it be done so blatantly badly this way and TRUTH is being exposed and questioned even by the Main Stream ‘Media’ that has been broadcasting the propaganda we’ve all heard since 2016? And for many years previously?

The Biblical Word today is:

· ACTS Chapter 13 (God’s Plan)

· ACTS Chapter 14 (God’s Nature)

· JOEL Chapter 2

· JOEL Chapter 3

Please, if you will, go back to all my Prophets Journal (Blogs) and forward to others if you want to warn them, help them,’s going to get worse before it gets better. I will be posting more, ‘Follow’ to be notified and stay informed. My thoughts, prayers and with love are with you all.

“Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and somewhere in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself."

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