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Direction in an Age of Confusion

20 Years of Prophecy Fulfilled

Chapter 4(G)

In the Beginning was the Lie.

“Your face flushes and your ears burn when you remember the time you were lied to—the time you were really taken in. You can remember it all. You always will.”

“How could I have been so stupid?” you ask yourself. (Excerpt from Satan’s Seven Schemes by Paul deParrie).

Paul deParrie’s book, published in 1991 by Wolgemuth & Hyatt Publishers Inc, is one of the most insightful, well written, and ‘logic mind’ view of how ‘evil’ works through the ages of time through psychological warfare and dis-information.

Outlined in 7 schemes of a comprehensive strategy, it simply works like this in the ‘natural’ world, proposed by author Paul deParrie. I’m hoping many readers will purchase this book, it has been on my bookshelf and have I given it as a gift to others, and will continue to do so.

Understand these seven ‘schemes’ used by the ‘enemy’ in the last 20 plus years:

III. Quality of Life


The Primary Weapon is a Lie.

Strategy 1.It starts with “One Question”. Has God said? Are you sure…. the Founding Fathers were right?

Sowing seeds of existence and doubt.

Strategy 2. Surely not every?

Sow seeds of unfairness, adding and distorting truth.

Strategy 3. You shall surely not?

Sow seeds of unaccountability, no consequences, no justice.

Strategy 4. For who knows that day? How long do we have to make it our way?

Sow seeds for breaking unity – they are keeping things from you – we are not

Strategy 5. Your eyes will be opened?...

Sow seeds of ‘name it and claim it --be enlightened to our way—

Strategy 6. You shall be as gods..

Sow seeds of entitlement, you will have everything and all power is yours for the taking…you create your own reality

Strategy 7. You will know good and evil…

Sow seeds of ‘there is no such thing as evil’.

There are no absolutes.

Good and evil are the same sides of the same coin.

What is good in one culture may be evil in another.

Do your own thing.

Here is a quote to think about “ It is often necessary for people (in one or several of their lives) to do ‘evil’ things like killing, in order to learn invaluable spiritual lessons. Chris Griscom, explains, “Our soul is saying ‘There is no good or evil. There are no victims. You are just experiencing this (Killing People) so that you understand permission, so that you understand cosmic law.” ‘Victim and victimizer are one…They are roles decided upon freely by all the players- agreed upon unanimously.”

There is a lot of blurring the line in the seven principles of evil strategy, and if one reviews the state of our country, America, on the eve of what may be the most important election in our history, the lines are blurred for many voters, on both sides of the two primary parties, Democrats and Republicans as a ‘group’.

Party vs Party has been the root cause of “Loss of Objective Truth’ for the last twenty-two years that I, as a Prophet, have been outlining in the past twenty-three Blogs.

Based on Situation Ethics (Method of Change), is how the 2020 Election will be decided.

The idea is that what is right is entirely dependent on each situation. Whatever causes the least misery for the fewest people is the right choice – or, to say it in a positive way, the decision that does the most good for the most people is right.

That may sound right, until considering that each person involved in a given situation may have a completely different idea/experience of what is best for most (or themselves).

Imagine the entire U.S. population based on his or her own personal experience (bubble) is the ‘Truth’ of right or wrong, just or unjust, equal or unequal, because of what’s best for everyone? Is that selfish or self-caring? Is it survival of the fit and the rest be discarded?

If it is, that becomes anarchy.

Based on Evolving Ethics (Method of Change) is the Constitution a ‘living document’?” It was intended to grow and develop with society and to change with society’s changing needs and more.”

Free-floating law is called legal positivism by activist judges and leadership decide what the country needs and interpret the laws and constitution to facilitate those needs by setting precedents on sociological law based on their ideologies, and are unconstitutional.

This isn’t a ‘living’ constitution, it becomes a ‘dead’ constitution. Supreme Court Justices uphold the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and law of the land, they don’t legislate, Congress does that, and the process of their duties is elected, by voter’s expecting them to represent them ‘justly without personal gain or power interests for themselves.’

Tolerating the Intolerant. (Intended Results)

I have a neighbor who specifically, intentionally, daily, year after year now (3), has defied the rules of peaceful co-habitation in our beautiful community. Fully knowing by the Homeowner’s Association (Bill of Rights) disclosed to all of us before purchase, in order to cancel purchase/residency, or to understand the ‘rules of society covenants as a whole’, agreed, signed and witnessed in a legal document. Benefit for over twelve hundred homeowners and their children- peace and order.

When the couple moved in, for several months, it was peaceful, quiet, neighborly, and very safe. Children play on the playground, walking trails are safe and busy, cook-out barbeques on summer days, winter garlands and decorations, --no trash or debris, no barking dogs, or any need for ‘surveillance and locked gates security entrances’. Though many households have cameras, and security alarms, as cautionary, and we do have a Neighborhood Watch program.

Idyllic in so many ways, far from where I have lived before; in urban areas and some suburbs, I was listening to sirens and gunshots during nights and days—twelve years ago.

Slowly, month after month, at first seldom music heard from the neighbor’s house, and from two vehicles to four vehicles in driveway and street (no street parking allowed). Then, the music became louder, and many weekends, a ‘party’ on Friday or Saturday, Sunday, added to the mix.

Within the year, the impact of music and percussion, ‘head-banging’ reverberated on our exterior walls, and as far as neighbors two and three doors downs down (about a half a block). The dog was placed outside at 5am when they went to work, and returned about 6pm;, the dog barked most of the day, also heard doors away.

Some people telecommute and found themselves moving their home offices in the furthest corners away from noise, night and day, especially now during COVID-19, it’s difficult for others to work.

It continued to escalate, week by week, and most of us, just reasonably not wanting to create a problem, hesitated to intervene, and mediate ‘a lower the volume, please request’, but someone did, neighbor to neighbor, friendly “Maybe you don’t realize how loud….and maybe ear phones or other…ways of ….”

Met with anger, hostility, aggression, and…raising the volume even higher, more often, day after day, but knowing the ‘covenants’ promises were being broken. These might be otherwise our Bill of Rights being violated. Noise, even construction does not begin until 7am (that is county-wide not just community). Noise after 10pm, is a violation, also county-wide.

So, the ‘Noisy Neighbor’ knows the rules, and uses them to his advantage: 7:15am to 9:45pm is fair game. The HOA sent a letter that the covenants of the community are ‘no loud music/noise’ is ‘all the time’ for the entire well-being of us all – but ignored by our self-righteous neighbor.

Imagine if he was recruiting others in the neighborhood, county and beyond?

Imagine if he were very persuasive and used all of the seven schemes outlined above to do more than play music to disrupt the safety and peace of your community?

We, all here in the community, do have a choice of action we can take legally, to sue our neighbor for the breaking of HOA laws and covenants, violations of ‘quiet enjoyment’ related to our homes and property, and we are going to do that, because no one person, or group, can simply use its strategies or schemes or lies, or deception to stop others from securing the community, county, state or federal government against; “reckless lawlessness”.

Our community is a (3-year) microcosm of what has slowly but surely been making its viral way across our country for more than two decades. Infecting communities with something unseen but very real, distracting then weaving through our willingness for peaceful co-habitation and civility toward each other, and adding more seemingly irrelevant ways, that are no longer ‘micro’ but now major influences and events.

· At the same time doubts have been cast on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, as well as those who uphold them, gnawing away at their foundational strength and resiliency. “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” (Abraham Lincoln and the Bible)

· Appeasement is a losing strategy. Whether it’s our neighbor, or Hitler’s aggression across Europe, or with anarchists encouraged on any of our streets-- by any of those who were or aspire to be our government ‘elect’.

It is not by one, but by many, gathered ‘In His Name’ that God will determine the outcome of this election year, again, but who (not the party, the candidate) you vote for--- will launch the Year 2021 of accountability and personal consequences 1) --four years or more of tribulation, OR 2) short-term discipline and repentance. Choose wisely.

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