The Prophet's Journal #35

Direction in an Age of Confusion



On Friday, March 4, 2022, I wrote these words: Jesus, You are the ONE who provides sanctuary and healing for all who receive YOU. I am making more commitments than ever to gather more disciples in Your name, to witness and provide the care & testimonies that give others Hope and Healing.

Holy Spirit, help us to manifest spiritual gifts as in the days of the Pentacost, in the Upper Room, begin now through Lent & Easter, the days of Revival to begin unfolding. YOU, GOD, one we have ever known in America – back to basics. Our founding –by is based on precepts, Life, Liberty & Pursuit of Happiness. Our Constitution, America is to be a lighthouse, not a ‘war machine’.

Europe is in Your Will, Russia & China belong to You,-- we pray for those innocent men, women, and children who are fleeing and dying, starving, because of evil’s reign of their leaders. There is a way to protect them, but it is the European Union and NATO that are failing the victims. Why is that, when there are so many options in their hands – and ours, without ‘boots on the ground’?

They are showing themselves as they are ‘political powers’, not addressing the situation as a collaborative for peace, not providing the protection of for Ukraine, and soon not for others, refusing to provide a safety ‘no fly zone’ or as some are, refusing to advance NATO forces to contain the Russian military from civilian genocide sweeping across Europe. They are complicit by their apathy.

Today, many of them are gleefully taking notice, while others fear their own take-over, will happen quickly without their Alliance’s support.

Most of us in America, believe in “One Nation Under God”, with respect for Freedom, Liberty and Justice for ALL here and around the world. We also believe this:

“God, You have set us apart right now, America is not led by Godly leadership, there are arrogant, demented, determined oligarchs with evil intent to destroy our country, and everyone who does not submit to their ‘ideology’.”

As of today, as I write this, March 13, 2022, our military posts in Iraq have been attacked, again, by Iran, the second time -- with missiles, re-directed to other locations. We can ask, is it technology or divine intervention?

We are fighting our own war here; we have violence and innocent people dying in senseless violence across the nation. Everything I have disclosed logically, factually, and spiritually outlined, since 1998 is happening. It isn’t random, it’s purposeful, planned, orchestrated, and happening, NOW.

Soon battles will be escalating, men, women & children aren’t safe, unless we stand on our battleground and resist -legally and spiritually through upcoming elections. We have shown ourselves for the respect we give our Founders and our Republic. Revival comes with repentance and a change: Direction to an Age of Wisdom.

Is Putin’s invasion, and plan orchestrated for World War III? Is China poised to take-over Taiwan? Is the Middle East part of a united and well timed three-prong strategy?

For many of us, these days have been foretold in the Old Testament, Ezekiel, and our hope is in the New Testament, is ‘Israel’ is the birthplace of Hebrew, Islam, and then came Jesus.

America’s enemies have been arriving here for years, and more than ever, across the ‘open borders’ since last January. We too, are facing attacks already planned, and it is going to take all of us to defend, feed, and provide care for our communities in every way. Prepare for both War and Revival.

Hebrews 6: 19-20

We have this Hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain, where Jesus who went before us, has entered on our behalf. He has become a high priest forever, in the order of Melchizedek.

On December 31, 2021 I posted this on The Prophet’s Blog, and I am including it again because it is important to transition effectively into “Direction in an Age of Wisdom

What will it take to convince the 'lost remnant' that they have been deceived for over four decades? A strategic plan devised by evil itself, followers and cultists that have sold their souls for power, money, and to be 'god-like' rulers not only over our great country,-- but collusion all over the world at large. Should it take a 'Pandemic', Famine, Climate, Floods & Fire to seek 'God again'?

Whose responsibility is it? Part IV. Responsibility "The Sell Out "...

Responsibility & Repentance


Control US


  • Self-Sufficiency & World Leadership

  • Promotion of Liberty, Quality

  • Pursuit of Happiness

  • "Statue of Liberty" Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teaming shore. A quote from "The New Colossus" by Emma Lazarus, Poem The Story of American History,1883

  • Home of the Free and the Brave Pro-Active

Method of Change

Relatively Small Group of People Control Resources


  • Loss of Individual Rights and Freedoms,

  • Dependencies,

  • Loss of Middle Class,

  • More Impoverished,

  • Greater Disparity between Low Income and Wealth,

  • Standards of Living, Wages, and Equality, Access to Wealth, Enrichment Limitations


Control World


United Nations Diplomacy

Assisting World Missions

Giving Aid before Political Interest (US)

Setting Standards

World Respect

Honoring Agreements

Keeping Alliances

Understanding Consequences of Actions against US

Theodore Roosevelt: "Walk Softly Carry A Big Stick"

World War I & World War II are two examples

Method of Change

Relatively Small Group of People Control Resources

"Big 7's" Relatively Small Group of Government (Countries)



Japan, China, Russia, Middle East, England, Korea, United States 'The Big 7"

The United States is the only Republic - 'Free Enterprise'

& New World Order Funded Wars for:

Emerging Dictatorships, Monarchies, Communism, Slavery, Serfdom,

  • Loss of Individual Rights & Freedoms

  • Dependencies

  • Starvation

  • Genocide

  • Racial Strife

  • Cultural Division

  • Religious Hierarchies

Examples: South America, Argentina, Africa, Iraq, Iran, Sudan,


Ownership US


"Live the American Dream"

  • Everyone has an equal chance,

  • Immigrants and Citizens can achieve success through honest hard work

  • Taking care of Veterans, the Elderly, the Poor, and Challenged Churches Prior to Roosevelt's 'New Deal' was the Faith community responsibility and missions

  • Civil Rights Movement gave rebellious young people serious goals to work toward

  • Prior to 1964 US as a Country founded principles:

  • Faith Model Based Inclusivity, Freedom of Religion

  • Citizenship Based & Legal Immigration and Refugee Status

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