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Direction in an Age of Confusion

20 Years of Prophecy Fulfilled

Chapter 2 (B)

On May 29th, 1998, I was scheduled for an interview with host Gary Nolan, “Nolan at Night” a Radio America Network broadcast, that I thought was a follow-up to a program the previous week (May 22) about my expertise in youth violence, related to occult activity and school shootings.

Before dawn, on Tuesday, May 26, I had a ‘dream’ so vivid and dramatically as a series of episodes played out, awakened me, crying and shaking. I was compelled to share them with my husband, and a friend.

Feeling that I had an unavoidable responsibility to report the details of my dream, because it was so visual and tangible; the thought of making ‘crazy sounding’ statements on a national platform was overwhelming. Setting my-self up as a target of mocking disbelief and even potential hostility, based on some exposure to other events since 1995, causing more hesitation based on a virtual news broadcast out of place and time ‘vision’….

“I was standing in the middle of a battleground, everything laying in waste and ruin, smoke filled the air so dense day seemed night. The sound of explosives and screaming, men, women, children masses of people rushing by me, and through me, as though I wasn’t there, invisible to them. All trying to escape from the danger behind them, while I stared at the horizon, immobile, as tumbling thoughts raced through my subconscious mind. I saw two buildings in the distance, on the left, far from each other, on fire, and heard the word ‘U.S. soil’. In the middle of the hillside, I saw the White House and heard the words ‘immorality and scandal’. On the right, I saw planes releasing missiles, and the word was ‘Holocaust’ and ‘one million people’ were running past and through me.”

As I awoke, trembling and crying in profound grief, I felt a familiar sensation of being given instruction, three separate events would occur, in the order of my visionary dream, the first, no later than end of summer, the second no later than end of the year (December), and the most severe beginning in early in 1999. These circumstances would occur because our beloved country, America, was losing its way. The leadership and many of our residents and citizens, were corrupted and godless, deceptive and self-serving, greedy and ego-centric power hungry and bereft of moral conscience.

My dream events were to warnings to be noted, that if left unaddressed properly, severe repercussions would face all of us in times to come. “Warn them. Prepare them.”

Connecting on live air broadcasting, host Gary Nolan and I realized his staff had ‘accidentally’ scheduled my second appearance, so we were unsure of the topic to continue, adolescent violence or another subject? Reluctant, hesitant, I was reminded of Jonah, God’s disobedient prophet, and there was no other choice for me, but to do exactly as I was instructed. Asking Gary’s permission to share my prophetic dream, granted, delivered my first international Prophetic Warning, on the Nolan at Night radio show.

Days following the broadcast, at home office, on a wall 12 feet wide, 10 feet high, I mounted two 6’x4’ maps tacked to it, the United States, and a World Map. They monopolized the functions of my everyday office operations, with appointed various colors of map pins, and post-it notes with dates to highlight ‘news’ items. We added various colored-coded sticky tabs, representing national and world-wide events: violence/conflict, weather/disasters, economy/financial, politics/government, and ‘supernatural’. Daily print outs of news media newspaper articles, magazines, information and data, were collected. Then sorted and filed while the pins and notes marked the walls like plastic confetti pegging where and what occurred. Anyone who entered remarked on them, and my work space was jokingly referred to as “The War Room”.

Later throughout summer to the year-end 1998 and beginning 1999, these are the events that occurred.


Near-simultaneous truck bombs exploded and severely damaged the U.S. Embassies in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and Nairobi, Kenya, killing 291 people (including 12 Americans) and injuring nearly 5,000 (including six Americans) in Nairobi, and killing 10 people and injuring 77 (including one American) in Dar es Salaam.


In October of 1998, a sexual relationship of the U.S. President, Bill Clinton, age 49, and White House intern Monica Lewinsky, age 22, was disclosed; a scandal and immoral behavior that divided the nation in its response as ‘liberal ok and conservative not ok’. President Clinton (married to Hillary Clinton, with a young daughter Chelsea), engaged in a sexual relationship with the intern between 1995 and 1997, however, when it was announced publicly, he appeared on a national news broadcast and declared “I did not have sexual relations ‘with that woman’.” In investigations into his actions, and denials, resulted in charges of perjury and attempted impeachment of President Clinton in 1998 by the U.S. House of Representatives. Though he was subsequently acquitted on all impeachment charges of perjury and obstruction of justice in a 21-day Senate trial, President Clinton was held in civil contempt of court by Judge Susan Webber Wright for giving misleading testimony, in another case involving Paula Jones and regarding was fined $90,000 by Wright. His license to practice law was suspended in Arkansas for five years; shortly thereafter, he was disbarred from presenting cases in front of the United States Supreme Court.

More specifically, the Independent Counsel, Robert Ray (Successor to Counsel Kenneth Starr), in the cases linked with Jones vs Clinton, concluded that President Clinton testified falsely on three counts under oath in Clinton v. Jones. However, Ray chose to decline criminal prosecution in favor of what the Principles of Federal Prosecution call "alternative sanctions".

This included being impeached:

As a consequence of his conduct in the Jones v. Clinton civil suit and before the federal grand jury, President Clinton incurred significant administrative sanctions. The Independent Counsel considered seven non-criminal alternative sanctions that were imposed in making his decision to decline prosecution: (1) President Clinton’s admission of providing false testimony that was knowingly misleading, evasive, and prejudicial to the administration of justice before the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas; (2) his acknowledgement that his conduct violated the Rules of Professional Conduct of the Arkansas Supreme Court; (3) the five-year suspension of his license to practice law and $25,000 fine imposed on him by the Circuit Court of Pulaski County, Arkansas; (4) the civil contempt penalty of more than $90,000 imposed on President Clinton by the federal court for violating its orders; (5) the payment of more than $850,000 in settlement to Paula Jones; (6) the express finding by the federal court that President Clinton had engaged in contemptuous conduct; and (7) the substantial public condemnation of President Clinton arising from his impeachment.

Moreover, the revealing allegations in January 23, 1992 during the Presidential campaign, that President Clinton also engaged in an extramarital affair with a mistress, Gennifer Flowers, with claims by her that it lasted twelve years. During the next week, almost every legitimate news source would pick up the story in some form or another and the allegations would nearly torpedo the Clinton campaign. Bill Clinton appeared on CBS's "60 Minutes" with Hillary Clinton on Sunday, Jan. 26, after the Superbowl televised game. Both Clintons tried to divert the attention with denial, convincing the enough voters to elect him to office.

Six years later, in his deposition to lawyers representing former Arkansas state employee Paula Jones in her sexual harassment lawsuit against him, Clinton reportedly acknowledged for the first time in any known forum that he did have sexual relations with Flowers, saying it occurred just ‘ one time’ in 1977, not twelve years duration.


KOSOVO WAR: Erasing History: Ethnic Cleansing in Kosovo Report released by the U.S. Department of State, Washington, DC, May 1999 (President Bill Clinton in office)


This report is part of a larger international effort to lay out the contours of the ethnic cleansing in Kosovo, which dramatically accelerated in mid-March, 1999. In preparing this report, the United States Government has drawn on its own resources, as well as reports received from international organizations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to date. We encourage others to make their own contributions to record these events, get the facts out, and ultimately, hold the perpetrators of these crimes accountable.

This document provides a chronology of events after the departure of the OSCE's Kosovo Verification Mission on March 19, 1999, which prior to its departure had been regularly issuing human rights reporting. It is compiled from hundreds, if not thousands, of reported violations of human rights and humanitarian law since late March 1999. Due to lack of outside access to Kosovo, this report represents only a partial account of the ethnic cleansing.

The term "ethnic cleansing" generally entails the systematic and forced removal of members of an ethnic group from their communities to change the ethnic composition of a region. Although we are still gaining information on all aspects of Serbian efforts to ethnically cleanse Kosovo, reports of human rights and humanitarian law violations we have received fall under seven broad categories:

1. Forced expulsions: The regime of Slobodan Milosevic is conducting a campaign of forced migration on a scale not seen in Europe since the Second World War. More than 90 percent of all ethnic Albanians have been expelled from their homes in Kosovo. In contrast to last fall, when attacks on civilians by Serb security forces generally occurred in small villages, this spring Yugoslav Army and Special Police units have joined with recently-armed Serb civilians to expel their neighbors from almost all towns and villages in Kosovo:

An estimated 600,000 internally displaced persons are now struggling to survive in Kosovo. They are scattered throughout the province, often taking shelter in isolated forests and mountain valleys.

Approximately 700,000 Kosovars have taken refuge in Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, and the Republic of Montenegro since hostilities commenced in March 1998. Over three-fourths of these people have arrived since late March.

2. Looting and Burning: Some 500 residential areas have been at least partially burned since late March, including over 300 villages burned since April 4, according to overhead imagery. Besides houses and apartments, mosques, churches, schools, and medical facilities have also been targeted and destroyed. Many settlements have been totally destroyed in an attempt to ensure that the ethnic Albanian residents do not return.

3. Detentions: There are consistent refugee reports that Serbian forces are separating military-aged men from their families in a systematic pattern. At the time of writing, the total number of missing men and their fate is unknown.

4. Summary Execution: Refugees have provided accounts of summary executions in at least 70 towns and villages throughout Kosovo. In addition to random executions, Serbian authorities are targeting intellectuals, professionals, and community leaders.

5. Rape: Ethnic Albanian women are reportedly being raped in increasing numbers. Refugee accounts indicate systematic and organized mass rapes in Djakovica and Pec. We believe that many crimes of gender violence have not been reported due to the cultural stigma attached to these offenses in Kosovar society.

6. Violations of Medical Neutrality: NGOs report that since late March, violations of medical neutrality in Kosovo have accelerated dramatically. Serb authorities have looted and destroyed dozens of medical facilities, murdered Kosovar Albanian physicians, expelled ethnic Albanian patients and care providers from hospitals, and have used large numbers of health facilities as protective cover for military activities. The apparent goal is to effectively deny health care to ethnic Albanians and extinguish the community base that Kosovo's health professionals provide.

7. Identity Cleansing: Refugees report that Serbian authorities have confiscated passports and other identity papers, systematically destroyed voter registers and other aspects of Kosovo's civil registry, and even removed license plates from departing vehicles as part of a policy to prevent returns to Kosovo. Reports of identity cleansing are prevalent in refugee camps in Macedonia and Albania.

My “War Room” walls clearly reflected these events as they actually occurred, and other’s so numerous and many unnoticed or considered minor by the American public, that our ignorance was more frightening than the actual events themselves. Because I KNEW, when the war started there would be a million displaced refugees, so I prepared for relief efforts, sure that many of them would enter sanctuary in the United States.

Doing so, announcing again only this time on a local television broadcast, that I had created a comprehensive plan including requests for volunteers and practical aid supplies storage, I was falsely accused by a local chapter of the American Red Cross of trying to divert ‘monies’ from them for my own gain and that ‘no refugees’ were ever going to be relocation to the U.S.

In fact, my volunteerism with the ARC was already documented with permission at the national level, there were no monies coming to me (at all), and the materials and supplies collected by volunteers and stored at in a nearby recreation center drop-off and our office. However, I had already withdrawn from ARC and followed through with the Salvation Army. They picked up the supplies and delivered to Fort Dix, NJ and distributed to Kosovo refugees who were given safe haven. Many are residing in the U.S. today, as citizens. False accusations headlines, though reported in the local newspaper, proved unfounded; the national administration of the ARC stepped in and corrected the media, including a local newspaper, that put their retraction on a back page, in a small paragraph.

Too late, unfortunately, the backlash and hostility toward me had occurred as I had considered --months before. However, the message today is something I've heard often quoted, rephrased here: "The best predicter of the future, is looking at the past."

"It doesn't have to be this way..."

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