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Direction in an Age of Confusion

The Word of God given to me this morning is based on questions…and seeking answers…

Book of Jeremiah ‘The Prophet’

Chapters 43 & 44

As the Book of Jeremiah is ‘Old Testament’ ‘B.C.’ God’s ‘people’ of Hebrews and Islam and provides the Prophetic Word of the Messiah to come. Jesus Christ (Christian) Faith historically but inclusive of all human-kind, everywhere, then and now… Christ was 33 years old when He died, and time re-started ‘A.D.’

Prepare to Meet God:

  1. What decision faces you when you hear a minister preach words you do not like? (43: 1-2)

  2. Who has power over history even when His people no longer have political or military power? (43: 10)

  3. Does God promise blessing to all who endure His discipline? (43:12 & 44:12)

  4. What does God expect you to learn from His discipline? (44: 2, 3, 9)

  5. What does God do for a people who depart from Him? (44: 3-6)

Did You Notice?

  1. Jeremiah lost his freedom to live where he desired. (43: 6, see 40: 4)

  2. Who God’s servant is. (43: 10)

  3. God acted through the acts of the King of Babylon. (43:n 12)

  4. The God of Israel can speak and act in any foreign country. (43: 12- 6, 8)

  5. Sin rouses God’s anger. (44: 3, 6, 8)

  6. God’s definition of obedience begins with having NO substitutes for God. (44: 5)

Prepare to Meet God:

  1. What behavior does God look for from people He has disciplined? (44: 10)

  2. What is the first sin you can commit when your hear God’s Word to you? (44: 16)

  3. If God’s Word does not lead you to obey, what can you obey? (44: 17)

  4. What does history prove about sinful acts? (44: 17-23)

  5. Does sin lead you to misinterpret history? (44: 17-18)

  6. What does God remember? (44: 21)

Did You Notice?

  1. To depart from God after discipline is to face final judgement. (44: 7, 11-12)

  2. The humble do not depart. (44: v10)

  3. God’s judgement on your sin takes away the desires of your heart (44: 14)

  4. Both women and men can lead a nation to sin. (44: 15)

  5. Israel knew their history of sin but forgot God’s history of deliverance. (44: 17)

  6. Israel gave substitutes for God credit for what God had done. (44: 18)

I awakened at 2 am this morning, from an intense dream, with my heart pounding, and trying to ‘breathe’ my lungs gasping for air. As I lay there, hoping to calm my body and spirit, I prayed that God would lead me a word that would give me direction for this week. ‘Tribulation’ was in my heart.

To hear from Him, required moving from beneath warm covers, into night coolness of my living room, and decided to get some hot herbal tea (Celestial Seasoning Berry Zinger), gathered my journal, pen, and lap desk –my dog and cat invited themselves to my tea party, kitten on my legs, and dog on the floor by my side. I began to ‘journal’ my dream… and asked the Holy Spirit to give me Wisdom, Knowledge, Discernment, and Prophetic Word.

Just before the night sky began to lighten for dawn, I finished, leaning back, turned the lamp light off – closed my eyes, and ‘listened’. In the stillness of quiet, gained some insight, and drifted into sleep, awaking at 7 am, to continue my mission.

When I complete my journaling, I always ask for ‘Word’ and simply open my Bible, to reveal a page, and begin there – whatever it is, it is. And it is always exactly on point, the subject of my journaling. My Bible is the NIV Experiencing God Study Bible that I have had given to me at the American Bookseller’s Association Conference, in Chicago IL, in 1996. It was a gift by Broadman & Holman Publishers.

It has been my guide for all of my work especially prophetic work, Direction in an Age of Confusion, Losing America or the Great Awakending.. since 1998 – twenty-five years.

The questions and the scriptures are all in its Study contents that I am posting on the Blog today saying exactly what I heard from the from the Spirit the message to send to you, just before I slept:

“TRUTH.” SEEK TRUTH. IT WILL SET YOU FREE.” Amain. (Let it be so.)

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