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Direction in an Age of Confusion Vision 2020 Over --2021 Just Beginning

The Great Awakening

End Times: Fasten Your Seatbelt It's Going to be a Rough Ride

It's only with Faith and Prayer, that anyone living in America is going to remain strong and resilient in the days, weeks and months to come. However, those around the world, are also in peril.

Some would say here, that America's greatest challenge is the present standing of the election, and upcoming Inauguration. Certainly without hesitation, I can say that the 'storm' in the Capitol building was one of the most heart-wrenching, emotional and spiritual experiences of my life. But the behavior and attitudes of many of our 'brethren' the last four or more years, have been in the running.

Since 1998, especially, but noting that our country and its people have been on the journey knowingly or unknowingly, to the eve of the destruction of the Republic of the United States, has not been by 'accident'. And now it is here, that crossroad of Direction in an Age of Confusion, there are only two choices.

They are not 'political' they are spiritually grounded, encompassing every faith, belief, culture, gender, age, nationality, race, everyone.

Good or evil?

Over the last year plus on two different BLOGS, I've posted the Prophetic Word and how it came about, since 1998.

Clearly, in every area, I have been correct in the basis, method of change, evidenced facts, and the outcomes, that our country, 'UNITED STATES OF AMERICA' and around the world impact, of the 'Beacon on the Hill', a light in a world of darkness, our Declaration of Independence, and US Constitution have been shredded, by a machine powered by evil and ignorance.

Above all, 'In God We Trust', and our history need to be 'rewritten'? Millions of immigrants and indigenous people here, for over 200 years and the American Revolution, Civil War, and other 'learning' experiences, with a foundation that has ALLOWED us to make mistakes, and change for the better -- meaningless, useless, and 'unforgiveable'?

To be fair, again 74 Million 'VOTERS" voted for re-election of the President in office the last four years. More than any president ever. Though the 'popular' vote has been replaced by the electoral college (Constitution clause), the Constitution has caveats and appropriate measures to ensure that 'reasonable challenges' be met with fair and just actions.

I believe in justice, and in my household, I can speak with facts, that our experience in receiving FOUR absentee ballots addressed to RESIDENT, in October, when we have lived in our home for three years, registered voters, and voted in state elections twice, did not require four absentee ballots. And we voted in person, at our county election office with proof of ID's and were 'address checked' with not only our voter registration cards with the clerks' office before we were allowed to complete our voting, TWO weeks before the RESIDENT ballots arrived?

Last week, I received mail addressed to the previous occupants of our home, who were/are MILITARY AND RENTERS (with the previous owner), and now live in Texas, documents inquiry on their 'confirming' their address for a 'recount' vote investigation in January 2021?

The anger I felt especially after witnessing voter corruption in 2008, now 2020, the 'evidential proof' in my hand of an election gone rogue, did not inspire me to go to DC and riot, and conditions otherwise would not have permitted my trip in any case.

BUT, I do understand, the legal right of thousands of voters to peacefully march in Washington DC, to represent what they felt was a fair investigation into the election process, the discrepancies that we viewed 'live' until 2 am in the morning Nov 3, witnesses reports, videos, testimonies, and previous issues with the Dominican voting machines, was reasonable.

It didn't take any person, not even the President himself, to urge or direct people to go to DC January 6, they (we) can think and make decisions for ourselves.

As for the 'rioters' who forced their way into the Capitol, violently, none of us would condone it, and neither did he, words like' be strong, and stand up for your rights, or make your voices heard' are no more inciting violence than me saying that to my children, when they are bullied, and seeking truth or freedom to express themselves.

We grieve the loss of innocent people, who were there and heart-wrenching grief, compassion, and hope for justice in the process of their accountability - legally, we pray.

At the same time, I say, as an American, pray and believe, if you are of any 'Christian' faith or denomination, Jesus is your wake-up call, and for any other faith, Hebrew, Muslim, monotheistic, agnostic, or atheist, 'Moral Compass' be your guide and destination.

It's going to get worse....before it gets better.

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