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Direction in an Age of Confusion

The Great Awakening has Begun...

Yes, it had to be this way. For twenty-two years, Direction in an Age of Confusion has been the prophetic word of warning for 'Vision 2020'. Losing America or not? The true Prophet's as I explained in the beginning Preface, Introduction, and Chapters that have followed throughout the Blog, are not the whole story, chapter, or verse. Those are yet to come over the next weeks, and reality will set in, the 'Truth' will set America free, and we will continue to be a Beacon of Hope for the world.

What will it take to convince the 'lost remnant' that they have been deceived for over four decades? A strategic plan devised by evil itself, followers and cultists that have sold their souls for power, money, and to be 'god-like' rulers not only over our great country,-- but collusion all over the world at large. Should it take a 'Pandemic', Famine, Climate, Floods & Fire to seek 'God again'?

Whose responsibility is it? Part IV. Responsibility "The Sell Out "...

Responsibility & Repentance


Control US


  • Self-Sufficiency & World Leadership

  • Promotion of Liberty, Quality

  • Pursuit of Happiness

  • "Statue of Liberty" Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teaming shore. A quote from "The New Colossus" by Emma Lazarus, Poem The Story of American History, 1883

  • Home of the Free and the Brave Pro-Active

Method of Change

Relatively Small Group of People Control Resources


  • Loss of Individual Rights and Freedoms,

  • Dependencies,

  • Loss of Middle Class,

  • More Impoverished,

  • Greater Disparity between Low Income and Wealth,

  • Standards of Living, Wages, and Equality, Access to Wealth, Enrichment Limitations


Control World


United Nations Diplomacy

Assisting World Missions

Giving Aid before Political Interest (US)

Setting Standards

World Respect

Honoring Agreements

Keeping Alliances

Understanding Consequences of Actions against US

Theodore Roosevelt: "Walk Softly Carry A Big Stick"

World War I & World War II are two examples

Method of Change

Relatively Small Group of People Control Resources

"Big 7's" Relatively Small Group of Government (Countries)



Japan, China, Russia, Middle East, England, Korea, United States 'The Big 7"

The United States is the only Republic - 'Free Enterprise'

& New World Order Funded Wars for:

Emerging Dictatorships, Monarchies, Communism, Slavery, Serfdom,

  • Loss of Individual Rights & Freedoms

  • Dependencies

  • Starvation

  • Genocide

  • Racial Strife

  • Cultural Division

  • Religious Hierarchies

Examples: South America, Argentina, Africa, Iraq, Iran, Sudan,


Ownership US


"Live the American Dream"

  • Everyone has an equal chance,

  • Immigrants and Citizens can achieve success through honest hard work

  • Taking care of Veterans, the Elderly, the Poor, and Challenged Churches Prior to Roosevelt's 'New Deal' was the Faith community responsibility and missions

  • Civil Rights Movement gave rebellious young people serious goals to work toward

  • Prior to 1964 US as a Country founded principles:

  • Faith Model Based Inclusivity, Freedom of Religion

  • Citizenship Based & Legal Immigration and Refugee Status

Method of Change

1960's Culture of political protests and radical experimentation of new cultural experiences

  • New cultural experiences: sexual revolution, cults, and drug culture, justified as being "intellectual enlightenment"

1970's During Viet Nam War and in contrast - disillusionment of politics by the young, expanded unapologetic hedonism US culture changes in Basics, Attitudes, Priorities

  • Containment of Wealth & Invested Resources (Self-Worth)

  • 'Me Generation' Baby Boomers 1946 to 1964 (Tom Wolfe), Rise of the Culture of Narcissism, self-actualization and realization

  • Demise of established set of traditional faiths centered on work and postponement of self-gratification

  • Became instead centered on consumption oriented life-style, ethic centers on lived experience and

  • Immediacy of self-indulgence (daily life-style choices)

1980's - 1990's

  • 'Generation X' are the children/off-spring of the Baby-Boomer 'Me Generation' equally invested in the now vs later gratification, as Boomer's example "reached peak with television sitcom Seinfeld which did not develop conscious moral character", 'it was a show about 'nothing' as defined by its creator Jerry Seinfeld

  • As opposed to Michael Landon's Highway to Heaven, a show epitomizing selflessness, equality, maturity, age, and character building

2000's - 2020's

  • 'The Millennials' Generation Y, known by their psychology referenced in a book "Generation Me" in 2006, by Jean Twenge, quote "Generation Me, confidence and tolerance, sense of entitlement, narcissism based on increased NPI (Narcissistic Personality Inventory) surveys shows increasing narcissism among Millennials from previous generations, in NPI most widely used personality measure for non-clinical measures of narcissisms, (but is derived from the DSM-III criteria clinical assessment for Narcissism

  • In a 2015 Microsoft Study found that 77% of respondents ages 18-24, said 'Yes to this statement "When nothing is occupying my attention, the first thing I do is reach for my phone," compared to 10% of respondents ages 55 and older.

  • According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) the suicide rate for ages 10-24 years increased by 56% from 2007 to 2017,

  • CDC also reports ages 10-24 years, the homicide rate declined 23% from 2007 (9.0) to 2014 (6.7), and then increased 18% through 2017 (7.9).


  • Loss of 'American' Nationalism

  • Rich Get Richer, The Poor Get Poorer,

  • Necessities and Essentials provided by Social Welfare Services by 'Systems' for them

  • Low to Middle Income become burdened by sustaining economically small business, farming, blue-collar workers, non-technology and service industries,

  • Low to Middle Income Populations begin to suffer with Home foreclosure, Unemployment, Utilities, Groceries, Medical costs, loss of business to big business

  • Greater Gap Wealthy have "McMansions", multiple homes, automobiles, luxuries, vacations, and excesses, credit card and wasteful spending, massive reductions in available resources, substantiated by "paper Worth in stocks, investments and corporate controlled retirement funds


Ownership of the New World Order


  • Foreign governments essentially focused ownership over their own lands and assets expansions within territories or taking over adjacent countries, then

  • By domination, treaties, wars, political coups,

  • Insurgents until World Wars, United Nations and changes in World Policies,

  • "Cold Wars" , Embargos ongoing to

  • Diplomatic Relations Begin to Change Course of Acquisitions

Method of Change

  • World Countries: China, Japan, Russia, Germany, Arabs, and Europeans begin to heavily invest Resources in American real estate, businesses, and tangible assets

  • Foreign Investors and their Government officials copied our " commercialism" and entrepreneurship while maintaining their ownership and control of assets and capital through 'partnerships' undercover corrupt politicians and wealthy conglomerates

  • Wars funded by foreign and domestic wealth transferred to terrorists increase armaments while American taxpayer dollars and military resources are depleted by paying the major share costs of defense rather than NATO member nations their agreed share since 2001


Storehouses of Wealth World

  • OPEC/Oil Dependency (Arab, Russia)

  • Nuclear Weapons (Korea/Iran/Russia)

  • Terrorism Alliances (AI-Queada, ISIS)

  • $ 1.5 Billion Cash (Iran)

  • Drug Trade (South America)

  • Trade Markets (China)

  • Eurodollar and Bitcoins

The best gift I can possibly give you this Christmas, is the 'Truth'.

Yes, we are being censored, most of you did not have the opportunity to see

this speech last night, it is a need to know:

Trump's Speech Was Hidden From The Nation, 3415 - YouTube

It is time for the Great Awakening.

This is Direction in an Age of Confusion.

There are evil doers in both 'political parties' for over 50 years.

74 Million of us (Combined of MANY political groups are called PATRIOTS) have made our decision for America, inclusive of all races, cultures, genders, ages, religions, immigrants and natural born citizens, one nation, standing.

Merry Christmas! Jesus is the Reason for the Season.

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