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Direction in an Age of Confusion

Earthquakes & Natural Disasters

There has always been debate and skepticism that God would ever severely discipline ‘His’ people that would include entire populations of the earth, or a country, of men, women, and children. But the historical records show, that in times of past, if we believe the ‘Creationist’ earth of Genesis, six days of building, and a day of rest, God has often undone or destroyed much of the earth and people living on it.

Review if you will, without temerity Biblical ‘Discipline’.

Discipline is God’s loving actions for a people who have departed from Him, seeking to bring them back into a love relationship with Him. Discipline seeks to lead a people to cry for help and experience revival. (If they do not, they will pay the price for their own rebellion or willfulness, and often cause others to suffer as well.)

Discipline comes because God is perfect love; absolutely just, pure and holy. He desires a love relationship with people and seeks to correct behavior or direction, and lead you to return to ‘Him’ and healthy, peaceful, caring, with others.

If a few transgress, it seems to follow that others are encouraged to transgress, become more self-entitled, arrogant, controlling, and believe that they are ‘like gods themselves’. They move toward gaining more control, power, authority, wealth, and selfish worldly acts, recruiting and gaining other’s as their followers, until the ‘world revolves around them’ instead of the balance of justice, peace, and prosperity that God proposed from the very beginning ‘upon creation’.

For ages, beyond centuries, He is merciful and patient, then begins increasingly disciplinary until mankind pays attention, and either repents, or is destroyed.

Discipline is God’s temporal judgment, His correction and punishment that occur in this lifetime to lead you back to obedience and a love relationship with Him, because God is the after-life experience destination, goal. Call it Heaven or Paradise, or Nirvana….

· Discipline began in the Garden of Eden and continues until final Judgement.

· Discipline shuts off some opportunities and opens others.

· Discipline may occur as God takes His gifts from you.

· Discipline may shut you off from God’s Word, His presence, and His people.

· Discipline may last for generations.

· Discipline leads a loving leader (religious or prophet) to intercede for the disciplined people, and lead them to confess their sins and repent.

· Discipline may be reduced or delayed by prayer and obedience…if you seek to cry for help and obey His word, sincerely.

· Discipline occurs through disease (pandemics), famine, war, sorrow, family problems, drought, wild animals, plagues, destruction, exile, and poverty.

Consider this a possibility:

Earth’s Creation + The History Channel “San Andreas Fault”


America’s Election 2020 has not only affected our country, it is a Beacon of Hope that is dimming around the world. We are the country founded on FAITH, One Nation Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty & Justice for All.

So here is the Prophet’s Warning: God has a personal earthquake ready for you, those of you, of any ‘political party’ who have corrupted our government, our REPUBLIC, with your treasons, deceptions, and tangled webs of corruptions, --and those in the media, or any others who have served these evil-doers, your day is coming, …soon.

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