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Sharrye's (nom de plume) writing and publishing career began  with a  B.A. Business Administration and Marketing degree, while she was still in college classes. Starting in print media for the (Maryland Coast Press Newspaper & Resorter Magazine. Creative advertising, design and layouts, as well as writer of a newspaper society column 'About Town'.


Expanding her career as a founder, publisher,  and editor for a real estate and business journal sold by subscription in the Mid-Atlantic States. A spin off from the journal, was a weekly real estate and business news column contributor with the Baltimore Sun. 

1994, her husband, Gary Schlerf, a respected writer, editor, and publisher of non-fiction railroad history books, as well as the editor of the B&O Railroad Society Magazine 'The Sentinel' introduced his wife 'Sharrye' to other friends in the publishing industry.

Gary's friends and publishing networking experience assisted his wife's transition from non-fiction writer and publisher inclusive of real estate career training textbooks and adjunct faculty for colleges.


Assisting with the launch of her  Journeys Beyond the Darkness book series, with Book I: Blow the Trumpets, Loudly!  in 1995. Published and sold nationwide (now continuing in e-book & print on demand). With substantial radio, television interviews, and commercial promotions, experienced in promotional media, Sharrye Schlerf had her own Maryland local radio & television cable broadcasts teaching spiritual principles,  based on continuing her studies and achieving  a B.A. Biblical Studies & Counseling degree (Trinity Seminary).


The book series, based on true stories, written as spiritual fantasy thrillers, its subject matter & popularity caught national and international recognition, naming the Chaplain as an expert in topics--  cults, adolescent violence, and school violence. As so, numerous appearances and media interviews for ABC, NBC, CBS, television, radio, and as a guest speaker.

Sharrye has assisted families and community members with her non-fiction "Ending Adolescent Violence" A Guide for Schools, Communities and Churches, publication in print from 1996 to 2002.


Also assisting other writers with editorial and referrals to publishers for their books submissions, or with Gallery Books Press opportunities. 

Since 1995, the author has completed other works, Book II: When Hell Freezes Over.. The Gift, III: Danger! Demons Crossing!, IV: The Key of David, and V: Moving Heaven & Earth all novels in the Journeys Beyond the Darkness series.

 New Release:

Direction in an Age of Confusion,

'The Great Awakening'

20 Years of Prophecy Fulfilled,

began with a 'Vision' in 1998.

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